Thursday, October 27, 2016

Give me a break!

The idiom “give me a break” generally is used when you don’t believe something that has happened or been said. We’ve all muttered the expression a lot lately, especially around the 2016 Presidential race. I am going to use it here more literally. I started this blog in late July 2010. This is the 329th iteration. At an average of 750 words that’s nearly 250,000 words. To compare that’s about three average mystery novels (at 80,000 words each), much less than the Bible (800,000 words) and nowhere near the IRS Code (4 million words).

Originally Craig’s Corner was a way to keep me focused during a long stint where I was without work or income. With gainful employment it has become a welcome respite from the day-to-day tasks. I tend to focus on issues that are interesting to me but not necessarily a critical part of what I do day in and day out. My perspective isn’t unique, but I do look at the word with a different lens. I’ve tried hard not to be part of the echo chamber and been diligent about not being hyperbolic (which is easy to do with writing about issues that I care about and have inflamed passions all around).

There’s about a thousand views of various blogs each month and over 90,000 since I started. I’m incredibly grateful (and somewhat awed) by the support and interest – especially given that I’ve been woefully inadequate at promoting and sharing my own work! It’s been quite satisfying to have something that I did for myself be of interest and value to others. THANK YOU! I’ve had some wonderful communications and engagements with people along the way, and some not so great too. I particularly remember the woman who discovered the blog a few years in and was reading them in order each morning with her coffee and then wrote me an email each day with her thoughts.

I’m a pretty consistent guy so it’s probably no surprise that I haven’t missed a Thursday posting since I started. It’s been a good way to do what the blog was intended to: take a little time out of each week for me to explore things that I might not otherwise. It’s largely been fun and certainly not felt like work.

It's time to take a break. I’ll continue to opine away. It may or may not be with the same regularity. It may or may not be in the same format. I imagine sometimes I’d fire off a 200 word thought and other times it may be 2,000. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Craig,
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    Jennifer Marcin

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